Friday, October 08, 2010

The way home

Traffic jam on Inner Ring Road,
Low battery in my phone,
Neighbours asleep.
Bus moved forward,
only to hit the brake again.
The weather seams gloomy,
The road is covered with white smoke.
Cyclist ride on pavements,
meandering through the pedestrians.
My Eyes close.
The signal at Eijipura.

My eyes open.
I am in Koramangala.
Beautiful girls,
Accompanied by ungrateful pricks.
How decorative a sex they are?
Yuppies in i10s jam the road.
The signal at Forum.

The bus zips through the road.
The lady gets down,
She knows 4 languages.
Senseless drivers overtake fom the left.
Every one is an hurry.
Pork shops, mutton stalls, Barota kadai,
and a hi-tech gym
The signal at Adugudi.

Bosch's playground, the marble shops
begin to decorate the road on either side.
Two wheelers squeeze in where ever they can.
No one turns off their engine.
Exhaust fume fill the area.
The bus inches forward.
The signal at Mico.

Diary Circle flies past,
no big trouble today.
Only to meet the buses from Electronic City.
Buses from Infosys,
line up on the fly-over.
People inside,
as frust as I am.
Relatives of patients,
have tea and bun.
The narrow road,fed by two entries,
stands choked.
"No more", it says.
But who listens?
God Damn yuppies with i10s.
The signal at NIMHANS.

Two left turns and I get off.
Boys cruising on RX-100s,
Labourers cool off at the bakeries.
Old muslim men sit together after namaz.
1st main ,
Then 2nd cross.
I have reached my home.
Alas,no one is expecting me.


Srikanth said...

Your ride home is a lot more interesting without the traffic and the i10 yuppies!! :P

Harsh Khad!!! said...

how long is your journey!!!?

Inspired Souls said...

interesting bro.. very interesting.. good work... keep it up!!