Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weird Experience

As you know any typical sotware engineer (or for that matter even school children and bank employees these days) has an I.D card dangling from their neck. I have roped in Trisha to give you an example. Clap clap.
My company has also provided me one such I.D card. I have to flash it at the speed gates, at the entrance of my office, to get in or out of the building.
The other weekend I was at 4th Block doing the usual weekend "sight-seeing".
Shown below is one of the entrances to the complex. As you can see the bars are to prohibit two-wheelers from entering the shopping area.

As soon as I approached them, my hand automatically went towards my chest and I pulled an invisible I.D card, placed it at the top of the bar and waited a second for the speed gates to open.
When I realised what I was doing, I could not help laughing at myself. What has this software life done to me? Reflex and all is okay, but this is more like habit. Have I become so accustomed to the software way. May be I am just making too much of a little thing. Too much work these days. That's all.That's what my team-mates also said when I related this incident to them.
Must Rest.


Srikanth said...

happens once to every "software guy" doesn't it? i did that while entering the washroom in my office once :P..

Jimmy Narang said...

Ha, This is nothing. Three days ago I swiped my card at my car's keyhole and wondered why the door wasn't opening.

tsp said...

I wonder what prevents me from pulling other things out when I see women considering how often they are in my heads.

venkata raghavan said...

Thank you all for the quick consolation, expect of course from frustBoy who continues to live upto his name. Pervert Badacow.

Harsh Khad!!! said...
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Harsh Khad!!! said...

ya ya, u must rest..
Rest in peace.. :P