Tuesday, January 04, 2011

100 Km ride

Last year on new year day, I cut my leg on a stone near a water fall in Kemmangundi. That was the start. The entire year has been been bad w.r.t health.
So I became superstitious.
This time I wanted to make a good start.
So Vindya and I went on our first 100 km ride.
I started off at about 4pm and was on the NICE road towards Mysore Road by 4.30pm.
Forty minutes, from Bannerghatta Road to Mysore road.
It was the road, village side and the Bullet. At 60 kmph the sound like a metronome. Vah!
thub thub thub thub thub thub thub thub thub thub thub thub ........
Strangely, she won't go over 70 kmph. I guess she needs more time, thats all.
I stopped at a few places to get pictures of the country side, so to say. But as frustBoy would remember I am hopeless at photography, so they didn't come out well.
I got on the Mysore Road and rode on to Bidadi. When Bidadi came, I recognized the Tea-stall where I had tea the last time I rode out so far out on the Bullet. So, I thought let us go a little further today. By the way, our pleasure loving Swami Nithyananda has his ashram in Bidadi.
I reached Ramanagara (I know that because a big board said "Silk City Ramanagar Welcomes you" ) and kept going. As I reached the center of the town I was stopped by a traffic signal, the first one after I crossed IIM Bengaluru. So I said to Vindya "Guess we are back to civilization" and decided to head back.
I have a sentiment of drinking tea before taking a U-turn. Also makes remembering easy the next time I go through there.
Just after leaving Ramanagar the Mysore Road Kamat comes up on the other side of the road. I could have had a nice coffee there but the sight of all Yuppies on FZ-16s and i10s prevented me from going in. Moreover, there was lot of crowd, so by the time I got my coffee it would be late. Added to this, my sentiment is with tea. Luckily, right opposite to Kamat there was a tiffin stall. The guy had only barota and Anna-sambar in his menu. I opted out and was content with the tea. I drank tea, took two photos of Vindhya and headed back.
On my way back, I took these pictures of the Gabar Singh Hills of Ramanagara (in case you didn't know Sholay was shot here).
One wonderful thing was that, on my way back I spotted a Brahminy Kite flying over me. A very beautiful bird. If you see it, you will agree. I took it as a sign. Sign of good things. More rides to come this year I guess.
Unfortunately, I caught the traffic returning to Bengaluru (from Mysore) on my way back and had a really horrible time until I came up to the Banashankari Ring Road.
Total 3 hours.
For those of you who say 50 up+ 50 down = 100 doesn't count, I say, get your ass hit.