Sunday, February 09, 2014

On this Valentine's Day

She is the most important thing in my life.
My day (my life) revolves around her. Our bond is special and like all other relationships ours too has its ups and downs. Sometimes even for small or insignificant things, she throws a big tantrum. And I really need to think back as to what was it that I did to offend her. At other times, however, I myself can guess which act of mine will offend her. But, I, being who I am cannot stop myself. And boy! do I face the music on those occasions. I have to call on her some 4-5 times a day, sometimes even more but even that doesn't help. She, like me, is who she is, and takes her own time to come back to normal. Even in such normal times, I have to cajole her with coffee to get a conversation going.
For days together, sometimes, she doesn't speak to me. It gets so hard to focus on other things when that happens.
At times, when I think everything is normal, she doesn't speak a word with me. On the other hand, she starts up a conversation when I least expect. It is irritating, because I might be right in the middle of work. But I am better off attending to her lest the matter gets bad. Sometimes she just rambles on, like water, free flowing, never showing a sign of stopping. Sometimes words drip from her mouth like honey. And of course, when she is angry they are as hard as rocks.
However, with all the ups and down, I must accept one thing. When I am with her time stops and nothing else in the world matters. One good conversation with her can light up my entire day.
I was of course, referring to my bowels.