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Is Daenerys Targaryen Mānglik ?

This is the question that deserves some attention.
In Marutari's epic Himāgnikāvyam, Dhanalakśmi Thyāgarājan (a.k.a Dhanam) is one of the two principle characters (the other being a mūḍha by the name Jonardhana Swāmināthan). She is the only surviving member of her family and the mother of Ganaberuna-s.
Dhanalakśmi summoning her Ganaberuna
Now that five kāndā-s of the epic are complete and every one is worried about the fate of Jonardhanā (which is typical of the patriarchical society we live in), we are bound to ask if Dhanalakśmi suffers from acute Sevvai Dosham (Mangal Dosh or the curse of Mars).

Unfortunately, Marutari has not provided Dhanam's date or time of birth and so our astrological scientists are unable to draw her horoscope and tell us for sure. However, the miserable way in which her marriages failed give us strong evidence that she could indeed be a Mānglik.
Her first marriage, which was forced upon her, by her brother, Visleśa Thyāgarājan, started with what can undoubtedly be called marital rape. However, those who have a strong influence of Mangal on them possess "endurance, self-confidence, strength, courage, great organizing ability, independent spirit, and strong determination power."1 Because of this, she was able to turn the marriage around and bring reform in her husband. However, the happiness was short lived as, her husband was badly wounded soon after, went into a vegetative state and had to be "released" by Dhanam herself. The child, resulting from the union, was also still born. Her husband's horse was killed and, her tribe deserted her. Not to mention the marriage resulted in the death of her only living relative - her brother. The only good thing to come out of the marriage was the birth of 3 Ganaberuna-s which gave her enormous leverage later on in life. (These too, she finds extemely difficult to control)

Her second marriage, also forced on her (by herself, this time) did not even take place. The groom's death came as swiftly (and out of the blue) as the Ganaberuna came to his mother's rescue in the penultimate chapter of the 5th kāndā.
Hizdahr zo Loraq thinking "Why did I not contact Vādyār māmā ?"
Thus, based on these evidences we can say with significant confidence that Dhanalakśmi may indeed be suffering from Sevvai Dosham.
(Additionally, we can say that influence of Mars is strong on the Thyāgarājan family itself. Given that the house sigil is red in colour (which is Mar's colour) and their words are "Fire and Blood", reflective of the fact that the Fire is the element of Mars.)
Thankfully, our Vedic science of Jotiśya offers ready solutions for this problem.    
1. She must wear a coral-red gemstone. She must also discard her favourite blue dress and wear dresses which are predominantly red.
2. The lucky number for Sevvai is 9. She may remember this for future nāmakaraam and other rituals.
3. She may try to remove the dosham by performing "a ceremony called a kumbh vivah, in which the manglik "marries" a banana tree, a peepal tree, or a silver or gold idol of the Hindu God Vishnu."2
4. Or, the next time she must marry someone with equal Sevvai Dosham.  Since she herself does not possess her horoscope, she can have her thumb impression sent to Vaitheshwaran Koil (in Tamil Nadu) where there are some reliable match-makers (based on Nāi Jośyam).
5. She may as well come there herself since Vaitheshwaran Koil houses the shrine of Sevvai (or Mars or Angaraka) to whom she can pray and, receive blessings and, good grace. (She should bring her loyal guard Jorah, who is suffering from skin infection. The Lord Vaitheshwaran cures all diseases. Jorah must take a bath in the temple tank and offer abhishekam to Lord Vaitheshwaran.)

Our ancient ri-s who developed the science of Astrology provide practical solutions to all problems of one's life. Even if that person is a fictional character.
Jai Shri /insert name of ishta-devata/

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