Sunday, August 07, 2011

Of New Life and Arts Girls

First post from my new laptop (woohoo).
First post from a Linux computer (all thanks to frustBoy).
And my first post after I became a student again.
Very good.
Our frustBoy did not install any media players in the laptop so I have nothing to do sitting in my ultra boring hostel and thus I set out to write this.
Moreover, this past month has been really hectic because of one life changing decision and because of its consequences.
Coming back to the boring hostel, I say boring because, nothing seems to happen here. In college there was lot of activity, gaming, DC++, shouting, ragging and so on but here people seem to hardly know each other. Just some time back, a guy who is in his final year of M.Sc Computer Science lamented with me that he has been in that room (two rooms next to mine) since the beginning of his course but now all his neighbours have changed. He goes about his business in a very melancholy way.
The food here is very wurst but the hard core Telugu people seem to like it a lot. I see their plates full of rice and pappu. Its not that bad, but it is very limited in variety and is full of garlic, which I not used to. But no problem, there are other sources of food which are quite tasty and affordable, only that they are very far away from the hostel.
That reminds me, this campus is ultra huge. College is nothing compared to this. We used to complain about how far our hostel (in Third year) was from our classrooms, and now that distance seems insignificant. I have to cycle about 10 kilometres everyday just to get to class from hostel and back again. If I have to go to the library or computer centre, it is another 1-2 kilometres to the total. But I am not complaining. Why, because I am happy that the belly I developed during my lifetime as software engineer might disappear.
One thing worth noting here, in this campus, is the number of girls. It is huge. Right from the beginning of time, I am been in a female deficient environment. Schools age is irrelevant, junior college saw only 4 girls among 60 students, and college was abominable with 8 girls in 210 students. Even software life sucked, for our team consistently saw (inadvertently) only 1 female member, if a new girl joined, the old one left and so on. But here ! Girls seem to be present everywhere, or perhaps my eyes are looking for only them. In either case, they seem to be everywhere. And the kind of girls is also problematic. You see, we are used to only lifeless engineering girls who have been through 2 or 3 years of IITJEE coaching then 4 years of engineering college and end up making software thus having all life sucked out of them. We are not used to these "Arts Girls", by them I mean, all this economics, humanities, social sciences , fine arts etc. students (female). There seems to be a different air about these girls. They seem to far less reserved and more outgoing in their life. They have many male friends (which our engineering gang never dared) and they move around with them quite freely. Now, one might say there is nothing wrong in that, that it is modern city life and so on and I completely agree. I am not going to explore the morality of their actions. I am just making note of the drastic change in my environment w.r.t girls.
Needless to say, all this free movement, touching and talking and all is adding lot of unrest. And as we know unrest is not a good thing to have in large quantities. Whenever frustBoy says something in this regard, I say that philosophy will come to my rescue, but he does not buy it. Instead he plans to visit more often so that he too can enjoy the sights. However, he is more frust after the first few visits, though he claims he has seen many such girls.
As one of his friends had remarked, this problem of getting frust because of lack (or abundance) of girls in ones life is only among the engineering students and this is quite evident in the way the Arts Boys move with their girls. They seem quite relaxed in the company of the girls and don't seem to make much of the touching and talking and same spoon sharing and so on.
Unfortunately or fortunately, I am one of those engineering students. But then again, it is just a matter of time. Slowly I will also become one of those Arts Boys or at least half Arts Boys (Ar Boys kikikikiki) and then perhaps I can be more relaxed in my female rich environment. Only worry is, what if the Ghost of Christmas Past comes back to haunt.


hydeous said...

I'm slightly disturbed by the number of times you've used 'touching' in this post.

R@hul said...

The question remains. What are you studying and where?

The last adam said...

The question remains. What are you studying and where?

venkata raghavan said...

I am in Hyderabad University,
studying M.A Philosophy.
I used to be a software engineer.

The last adam said...

Ah! I see! quite an interesting shift in career - good luck! Have fun ;)

Sanjeev Kumar Dangi said...

Nice one buddy. Lovely.