Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Where am I?
You are here.
Where is here?
Here is where ever you want it to be.
Who are you?
I am the designated Angel for your dream.
Ah! So this is a dream.Wait. My dream has a designated a Angel!!
This one has.
Angel, where are all the beautiful girls ?
I can't answer that. I can only tell you where they are not.
Ok. Where are they not?
They are not with you.
Oook. That was a bit harsh.
Sorry, but reality generally is like that.
What are the beautiful girls doing ?
They are with their respective man/men.
What are they doing with their men?
They are eating most of the pop-corn he bought or wasting the food he ordered, increasing his fuel expenditure and decrease his vehicle's mileage.
No, I mean in the larger scheme of things.
Oh! They are eating away his mental health.
Gasp! Why would they do that?
Because the men let them do it.
But still, why would they do such a sinister thing even the man let them?
That is how they become more beautiful.
Blink. Blink.
I thought it was the make up or that they were born that way.
Ha! Poor boy. I don't blame you. They have perfected the deception over centuries of evolution and observation.
Then.... Then.... What about the girls who are beautiful from the inside.
Whose inside?
Their inside.
I didn't get you.
I mean what about the girls who are beautiful by nature, in their qualities ?
Oh them! They get married to lonely NRI men,mostly in the USA, or to government employees.
True. I understand.
Angel, why do the men let them eat away their mental health ?
They are lonely frustrated souls. They think that is what love is and so encourage it.
True. True.
Then, why don't the girls help them come out of this misunderstanding?
Because, if they did that, they would not have any male mental health to feed on and so would stop becoming more beautiful. Remember?
OOOOOO. I see.
And, frankly, its not their job. It is up to the men to get their stuff sorted out and have their head cleaned.
Correct. Wait. Are you take their side?
Look closer.
GASP! YOU ARE ONE OF THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!
That means you have been.......feeding of my mental health.
Got to wake up. Got to resis. Go to contr. Got to pro .. Got to..Got ...G.....


tsp said...

I don't like this dream. I don't like this angel

venkata raghavan said...

Sorry frustBoy. No one likes the Angel . She feeds off our mental health.
Also, I forgot to acknowledge our conversations which inspired this post.Next time I will try and remember.

tsp said...

You didn't have to mention it. I know they did.