Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Jolna.

This is my jolna-pi. Hello jolna-pi.I bought it for sixty rupees in City Market about an year ago.Every time I carry this out and put something in it that would have normally gone into a plastic cover, I feel a sense of satisfaction about contributing towards figthing green house effect or some such thing.
I always carry this bag when I go out and most of the times I don't know where I am heading.And so it happens that some times I land up at big malls with this bag. When I am asked to leave my "baggage" at the counter near the enterance of such malls and I give them my jolna , the guard looks at it and then at me in a strange way. Once while entering one such mall, I asked the guard if we needed to leave our bags at his counter, he replied saying yes. When I gave him my bag , he looked at it and said "Leke jao sar, no problem".The worst response is at Forum mall in Koramangala.That is by far the posh-est mall in Bengaluru. All cool hudgas-hudgis (boys-girls)come there.And I step in wearing last week's dress and my jolna-pi.The gaurd gives me a what-is-this-beggar-doing-here look , checks my bag and lets me in.
Stuid mall.They don't allow cycles in their parking lot. Thu...nee bathuku.
No problem.
But, the other day an elderly aunty at a super-market near my house, asked me to see and tell the M.R.P on an MTR masala packet since she could not read the small numbers. I did so . Then she goes on to ask "Don't you have this in MDH??" .
I tell the aunty "Aunty ,I don't work here".
Aunty says "Ohhh! sorry , you had that "bag"(pointing at my jolna) no ,so i thought....."(sentence left incomplete)
I tell aunty "Aunty this is a jolna pi, my grandfather used to use this".
Aunty(some what embarrassed at the whole incident)"Ohh..ha.ha..grandfather aaa..."(turns away and walks towards the actual sales-person)
Stupid aunty.
Anyway, now I have the last laugh. On monday there was an article in The Hindu Metroplus saying "The Jhola is back". It reports that the reasons ranged from "cool-factor" among youngsters to going-green to avoiding plastic.
The reporter seems to have spotted me somewhere going around in my cycle with my jolna.Too bad the security guards and stupid aunties might not have read it.
I am yet to give it a name.
One day I will.

To frust boy, if you read this and want to add some things I missed out, DON'T.

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tsp said...

Aunty says "Ohhh! sorry , you had that "bag"(pointing at my little man) no, so i thought....."

Haha! I knew your zipper was down all along all through that afternoon. Comparing it with a bag? really? Was the bag out too?