Sunday, April 05, 2009

Maggi Chopsee

I have decided to put up the recipes I invent in this bachelorhood phase of my life.Try it and leave a comment .
Suklam bharadaram...
Maggi chopsee:
1 or 2 topramen curry packets . (or anyother instant noodles of your choice)
Tomatoes (2 tomatoes for 1 noodles packet)
Onion (1 per packet but left to cook .More will do but less won't taste good)
Oil (little, to fry the onion)
For Sause:
Make a puree out of the tomato (now-a-days you are getting this also in the market, but I think it is costly and that it has harmful chemicals in it).
To make a puree one should put the tomatoes in water ,heat it until the peel comes off . Then take the tomatoes out (with a spoon ,else you will burn your fingers.These are little things that bachelors should note), but preserve the water for further use. Mash the tomatoes nicely .You can remove the seed by the process of sedimentation since tomato seeds can cause kidney stones.Keep this puree aside.
Take a kadai i.e pan and heat some oil in it .While it is getting hot you may dice the onion.Put some haldi and "tadka material" into the oil. Add the onions. Fry till it is brown or until you have patience.
Then put the puree in it . Add some water and let it simmer for a while ,then add the taste maker which is provided with the instant noodles.You can add little sugar also.Add some more water if required . Let is simmer until the mixture forms a thick paste sort of thing.
For noodles:
Boil the noodles in water if you want soft noodles.For this you can reuse the water used for boiling the tomatoes .Reusing is one thing a cook should always keep in mind.Nothing is waste.Grate cheese over it . Then we need to melt the cheese so that it spreads over the noodles . You can use the microwave oven for this. OR Put the noodles + cheese combo in a cooker along with some water. Cover the cooker and put the weight on . The steam will melt the cheese .

Now take the noodles + cheese combo and the sause . Pour the sause over the noodles+ cheese combo. That's all:-" Suvayana(tasty) maggi chopsee ready . Pasanga idha romba virumbi sapduvanga"


tsp said...

indha kaalathu pasango pee kooda thinuvango. kikikiki

There might be a copyright infringement violation in calling it Maggi Chopsuey (check spelling) after preparing it with Top Ramen noodles.

R@hul said...

Thank you.

I can make maggi without burning my fingers each time. You forgot to mention one important point as follows:

Sometimes, the maggi is of defective quality and turns brown and sticks to the kadai. This happens especially when bachelors are watching football matches on TV and forgot that they were making maggi. Make sure to ask the shopkeepers for a brand of non-burnable-maggi.

praveen yadav said...

sankat, abey bahut dino sey kuch likh nahin raha thu?